Minnesota Hampshire Sheep Association
The Minnesota Hampshire Sheep Association (MHSA) was established in the late 1970's.  The organization has a annual state show at the Martin County Fair in Fairmont, MN.  They also have a annual Bred Ewe Sale in Rochester, MN the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The Association is open to anyone in or out of state.  The Hampshire Association gives a outstanding breeder award every year.
MHSA Outstanding Breeder Award Recipients

Bruce Bakken2013
Judy & Denise Wambeam  2012
Roger Green  2011
Jerry Quam    2009
David Herrig  2008
Glen Hoff       2007
Jay Fawver     2006
Jim & Joy Hickman      2006
Roger Haugen      2005
Robert G. Koehler       2004
Gene & Marci Sanford       2003
Rodger Wambeam      2002
Veril Harden  2001
Art Frame      2001
Don Bogue    2000
Laird Mork     2000
Bud Esterly    1999
Ken Boyer     1999
Mike Caskey  1998
Jerry Sullivan  1997
Chuck Bobendrier1996
Duane Moses1995
Bill Schulke     1994
Edger Olson   1993
Darrell Lokhorst     1992
Truman Tilleraas    1990
Dr. Robert Jordan 1989
Evan Busse    1988
Peter Bobendrier  1988
Harold Saettre1987
Arnold Plan    (year?)